Dataville is RVO’s Human-centric AI program winner!

We’re happy to announce that Dataville is the winner of the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) Human-centric AI program and made it to the 2nd phase of the program along with the other four interesting projects and startups in the field. The program aims to promote human-centric AI solutions for public organizations. During the program’s first phase, we developed the prototype of Dataville with the creative and constructive feedback, collaboration, and support of great people who received the evaluation committee’s appreciation.

Dataville is a privacy-preserving data science product that has come out of Lucidminds’ R&D efforts, and recently we published an article: Data is not the new oil! And why we’re building the Dataville ecosystem to explain the what, why, and hows of Dataville and recently launched its Landing Page too: With the support of RVO and our partners, we got the chance to move from rhetoric to practice and collaborate with several public and private institutions to enable analytics on sensitive datasets. To share insights, not data!

We are very grateful to many during this journey so far:
As an R&D organization, validating the need before going into practice is essential, and we thank Marc Vesselink, Co-Founder of VentureRock. Marc walked us through the steps of the venture building program of VentureRock and helped us to shape Dataville’s next steps, especially for the private sector.

Eduardo Green, Gemma Schepers, Beryl Dreijer, and Guusje van der Vossen from the CTO office of the City of Amsterdam for their golden feedback and time throughout the development of the prototype to address the essential needs.

Eleni Mina and Marco Roos from the Human Genetics research group at the University of Leiden, and Sander van Boom and Arthur Schreuder from 4LifeSupport for sharing the experience on their experience with privacy-preserving research on health data.

Trent McConaghy from the Ocean Protocol for his inspirational conversations on analytics as an asset on data marketplaces.

Marius Roeterdink from SiraIncentives for revising our reports and taking care of the submission processes.

The evaluation committee for their due diligence.

The Lucidminds members in this project are Anne Mul, Roni Bulent Ozel, Cynthia Mergel, Marko Petrovic, Oguzhan Yayla, and Sander van der Hoog.



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